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Suicide Prevention Posters

Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention Poster: Gun


This started out as a typography assignment, 4 to 6 words from a song that we knew. Hurt by Nine Inch Nails popped into my head. I researched 1920's fonts, pen tooled Al Capone's pocket pistol, and created a text arrangement. Then there was a twist. We had to take this text arrangement and create a poster for it. I started to wish I hadn't picked a song about a guy shooting himself. Then I thought, why not a suicide prevention poster? I kept with the 1920's by giving my poster a Great Gatsby border. I ended up liking this assignment so much, I created two more posters at home in my free time.

17 in x 11 in



Gun for web
Suicide Prevention Poster: Gun
Suicide Prevention - Pill
Suicide Prevention - Razor