Point of View 2016 Magazine

Point of View 2016 Magazine

Point of View

Magazine Layout

I was the art and design editor for the 2016 Point of View Magazine. Not only was I responsible for the whole look and feel of the magazine, but I also organized juried art pieces and picked the judges. We had over 260 art entries but only 23 made it into the magazine.

I had two ideas for the pages inside. One was a clean and minimalistic look with the poems over background photos of white walls of a gallery. It was almost too beautiful and felt like a booklet for a museum opening. I wanted the magazine to feel bold and hip. I also wanted to bring in new readers to our liberal arts magazine, and our target audience was college students, so I color-blocked the pages of poetry. I also brought the reader as close to the artwork as possible with closeup shots of the three-dimensional pieces and bleeding the two-dimensional pieces off the edge.

In previous issues, the reader was never able to "meet" the artist or author; just read their name is next their piece. Who are they? In this issue, I created a website connected through the QR codes printed in the magazine so now the reader could immerse themselves in artist bios, inspirations, and descriptions of their piece. My idea for the cover was to give a closeup teaser of one art piece in the magazine; bold and hip. The also wanted to play with the contents page to give it a more artistic edge. I'm very proud of this piece.

8.5 in x 11 in

InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator